The Family Care Console

Caregiving Businesses Can Rapidly Expand Service and Revenue Opportunities with Advanced Telehomecare Console

People Power Family Care Console provides advanced client insights for businesses interested in offering new, intelligent remote care services.

People Power announces the Family Care Console, an intuitive web-based information center that provides caregiving businesses and caregivers essential insights about client wellness. A companion service to People Power’s Family Care homecare product, the console provides a comprehensive display of real-time insights extracted from the Family Pack to help caregiving businesses focus resources on client wellness with the ability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously. The Family Care Console helps businesses understand the health and activities of their clients remotely, enabling better homecare services for more clients with simple 24/7 remote monitoring.


The system tracks trends and monitors important issues in the home including falls, medication adherence, wandering, sleep quality and social isolation. The Family Care Console integrates with the People Power Family app for iOS and Android. The console is used by an agency administrator or remote care coordinator, and the mobile app is available for use by the client’s family. In addition to incorporating modern medical alert buttons, along with the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, the system facilitates a virtual safety net in the home by learning lifestyle patterns and alerting key individuals when those patterns break unexpectedly, even without the use of wearable devices. Family members, care providers, and the emergency call center can receive an alert if someone were to fall and couldn’t reach their medical alert button. 

Family Care Console Benefits

  • Prioritize daily caregiving workflows: Identify clients who need the most attention each day.

  • Fill critical blind spots in caregiving:
    Understand client activities and behaviors remotely.

  • Capture pipeline of new clients:
    Offer new care services not requiring in-home caregivers.

  • Grow business through efficiencies:
    Service more clients without requiring additional staff.

  • Get alerted to life-threatening issues:
    Provide immediate client assistance when needed.

  • See historic client wellness trends:
    Be notified when a client’s activity patterns change.

  • Justify service recommendations:
    Obtain evidence that validates additional client services.

  • Manage system connectivity and client information:
    View everything from a web browser. 

  • Differentiate services:
    Keep families connected and happy, delivering 24/7 peace-of-mind.

Connected to the Family Pack – a remote senior care solution that combines low-cost, in-home sensors with an intelligent cloud and mobile app – the new Family Care Console analyzes activity patterns of a homecare client to help determine important trends, including:

  • Movement Score:
    Track daily occupant movement percentage in the home and the running average.

  • Bathroom Visits:
    Track number of bathroom visits or toilet flushes that may indicate UTI or dehydration.

  • Medicine Adherence:
    Track daily access to meds to determine if client is self-administering as prescribed.

  • Movement Duration:
    Track daily occupant movement duration in the home and running average.

  • Rooms Visited:
    Track number of room-to-room transitions per day in the home and running average.

  • Bedtime Tracking:
    Track the time occupants went to bed at night and bedtime running average.

  • Sleep Score:
    Track percentage of sleep quality scores per night and running average.

  • Sleep Duration:
    Track the amount of sleep by hour per night and running average.

  • Movement While Sleeping:
    Track instances of motion while occupants were believed to be asleep. 

  • Time in Bed:
    Track number of hours per day lying in bed including daytime naps and running average. 

  • Wake Time:
    Track time when occupants wake each day and running wake time average.

  • Client Hygiene:
    Track instances of baths or showers to determine if client is unable to bathe regularly.

  • Time in Chair:
    Track number of hours per day sitting in a chair and running average.

  • Time at Home:
    Track number of hours per day at home versus away and running average.

  • Time Away:
    Track number of hours per day away from home versus at home and running average.

  • Ambient Temperature:
    Track temperature of home for comfort and running average.

The Family Care Console, together with the People Power Family Pack, makes it easy for caregiving businesses and caregivers to provide 24/7 peace of mind for their clients, and their families.

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