Know everything is okay.

People Power Family helps seniors live at home longer, more safely, and confidently while preserving their privacy and independence.
24/7 peace-of-mind. Emergency alerts. No monthly fee.

The future of home care is here.

It's a terrible fact. Most medical emergency buttons are out of reach when serious problems occur. Senior living communities are expensive and at high risk of COVID transmission. That's why families today have turned to People Power Family to know everything is okay with mom or dad in their own homes.

People Power Family is better than traditional medical alert systems because it works even when the medical alert button is out of reach. Even better, it starts with no monthly fee.

How it works.

Install a Care Pack.

Anyone can live at home longer, more safely, and confidently while preserving their privacy.

Know everything is okay.

Lifestyle patterns are privately learned, and insights can be accessed by members of your Trusted Circle™.

We'll alert you.

When patterns break unexpectedly, automatically alert your Trusted Circle™ or Emergency Call Center.

Escalate alerts to the right people.


Contact people
who live here.

Notifications alert the residents and professional caregivers.


Contact your
Trusted Circle.

Alerts are sent and your family and friends are added to a group text.


Contact the
Emergency Call Center.

Phone calls are initiated to your Trusted Circle of family and friends.


Dispatch Emergency Medical Services.

If no one can be reached, a wellness check is dispatched.

The most comprehensive solution has to go way beyond home care.
It's also a senior-friendly security system.

Professional monitoring security optional, with no passcodes to remember or difficult keypads to learn. 

Save money on the electric bill.

Connects with thermostats, lights, and smart plugs to control energy consumption, even automatically.

Connects family to fight loneliness.

Every day, People Power Family will choose a new person in the Trusted Circle™ to make a phone call or share a picture.


Learn More.

Dangerous gaps exist with today’s medical emergency buttons.

People Power Family is the smarter choice.​

  • Includes a panic button and motion sensors.
    Alert if either the assist button is pressed or learned patterns of activity break unexpectedly.


  • Compatible with today's popular devices.
    Captures fall and SOS alerts directly from stylish wearables including Apple Watch. Control the home using your voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


  • Brings together family, friends, and caregivers.
    Invite people to the Trusted Circle™ and assign roles. Coordinate with professional caregivers and the Emergency Call Center when problems occur.

Enjoying a Meal

We close today’s dangerous gaps with multilayered safety nets.

See why People Power Family is today's leading telehomecare solution.

  • Home Safety Net. Know if occupants are home, away, or sleeping. Predict and identify problems or dangerous trends, even if nobody has requested assistance.

  • Support Safety Net. Bring together a Trusted Circle™ of family, friends, caregivers and a certified 24/7 emergency call center. Access the Daily Report to see what happened today. 

  • System Safety Net. Connect with the home's existing internet or cellular. The battery backup keeps everything running during power outages.

People Power Family addresses the top home care concerns.

  • Fall Alerts. With the assist button, compatible wearables, voice devices, and in-home sensors.

  • Depression and Isolation. Intelligently coordinates the Trusted Circle™ of family members and grandchildren to reach out every day.

  • Sleep Monitoring. Track when occupants go to sleep and wake up. Know how well they slept and if there are any problems.

  • Medication Adherence. Know when medicine has been accessed using sensors, without replacing existing medication dispensers.

  • Wandering Alerts. Know when occupants have left, predict when they'll be back, and alert when needed.

Image by Artem Kovalev
Image by Cristian Newman

The only scientifically validated home care solution.

Results of an NIH-funded randomized control trial with U.C. Berkeley are demonstrating People Power Family decreases depression and anxiety of caregivers, while increasing wellbeing. This means years of meaningful life are being added to the lives of seniors and their caregivers.


NIH SBIR Phase II efficacy trial titled “Developing and Evaluating In-home Supportive Technology for Dementia Caregivers” Preliminary results on nine-month RCT study (N=80) of PCg with 24 homes completing 3-month and 6-month assessments. Blue: Control group (N=15); Green: Full PCg (N=9).

Starts at $299 with no monthly fee.

Yours may be free.

The entire People Power Family telehomecare solution may be free for your family with VA benefits or Medicare. 

What people are saying.

"Our collaborative effort to design and evaluate assistive technology has great promise for helping caregivers provide high quality care for individuals with dementia. As the population ages worldwide and the number of families dealing with dementia caregiving increases, there is a growing need for innovative solutions that promote the health and well-being of people with dementia and their caregivers."

—  Dr. Robert W. Levenson

Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley


Get Started

People Power Family starts at $299 with no monthly fees.

Optional subscription services add an Emergency Call Center with dispatch, automated alerts when lifestyle patterns change unexpectedly, depression fighting tools, and more.

Every home is different and every lifestyle is different. We'll send you a quote that perfectly fits yours.

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