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Don't worry about a thing.

Seniors can live independent longer, safe from falls and other common concerns, with People Power Family.


There's an emergency button to request help at anytime, and also activity sensors that will detect hazards and call for help when it's need.


Best of all, caregivers can check in anytime – without disturbing the senior or invading their privacy.

Senior Fall Detection

How it works.

The Family Pack.

A personal assist button, front and back door entry sensors, and motion sensors for the Kitchen, Hallway, and Living Room are easy to install.


The activities of daily living are learned.

The normal lifestyle patterns of the senior are privately learned, without a wearable, and insights can be accessed by members of your Trusted Circle of friends and family.

Professional Monitoring. 24/7.


When lifestyle patterns change unexpectedly, automatically alert your Trusted Circle and the Emergency Call Center to get help fast.

How it works
The Family Pack

It includes everything you need to address concerns of falls, wellness, and loneliness in a new collaborative way. Installation is fast and simple.

Smart Home Center

This makes your home intelligent. Simply plug it in to power and plug in a wired internet connection. The free app will walk you through the whole process.

Personal Assist Button
Push it at any time to alert the people in your Trusted Circle and let them know that assistance is needed. Or change its behavior to record access to medication.


Front Door and Back Door Entry Sensors
They attach to a home’s high-traffic doors in just minutes so you can know when someone comes and goes. Install extras on medicine cabinets, refrigerators, and microwaves.


Kitchen, Hallway, and Living Room Motion Sensors
They alert for potential falls, sleep problems, and more. We recommend one motion sensor every 500 square feet of living space, so the base pack covers about 1,500 square feet.


What you get.


Fall & Inactivity Safety Net

Learns lifestyle patterns and alerts if those patterns break unexpectedly.

What you get

Learn more.

The only in-home caregiving technology backed by science.

With a generous $4.5m NIA-funded grant led by People Power with research by UC Berkeley, People Power Family is demonstrating reductions in anxiety and depression that would normally only be found in the pharmaceutical industry. People Power Family is the only scientifically validated in-home care solution in the world. This translates to meaningful years added to the lives of seniors and their caregivers.


What people say.


I was a brand new, sleep-deprived caregiver when People Power came along, running up and downstairs every time my father made a noise. People Power gave me back my peace of mind.

-  K. Franklin
What people say

Know everything is okay. Anytime. Anywhere.

Install The Family Pack and our system alerts you and your Trusted Circle if something doesn't look right. If you’re not available, our Emergency Call Center is standing by.

Supported by real people.

We care about your safety and health.

Get started

Get started today.

$39.95 /mo  or  $399.00 /yr

A real person will call you to explain how everything works and get you signed up for this exclusive service.

We'll be in touch soon.

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