Continuous Protection.


Pro Monitoring

People Power's Pro Monitoring service is like a caregiver that never sleeps. It uses the activity sensors to learn lifestyle patterns, and knows when those patterns break unexpectedly. It also produces a wealth of useful insights and optional alerts for the home. What's more, a UL-listed Emergency Call Center is optionally available 24/7 (U.S. only). Critical alerts will first contact the Trusted Circle, followed by the Emergency Call Center who can even dispatch emergency services and perform wellness checks on site when a problem persists.

Free Monitoring

Know where they were last seen.

Use the free app to check where people were last seen in the home.

Up to 3 Trusted Circle members.

Connect up to 3 family, friends, and neighbors to receive alerts.

Request Trusted Circle assistance.

Press the button and deliver SMS text message alerts to members of the Trusted Circle.

Apple and Samsung supported.

Capture fall detection or SOS alerts directly from Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Pro Monitoring

Everything in Free Monitoring, plus...

Unlimited Trusted Circle members.

Connect unlimited family, friends, and neighbors to receive alerts.

Falls and Inactivity.

Alerts if lifestyle patterns break.

Social connectors.

Coordinates family to check in.

Home vs. Away.

Know if people are home or away.

Sleep monitoring. 

Know if people are sleeping.

Wandering alerts.

Get alerted if a door opens.

Sleep quality. 

Requires a bedroom motion sensor.

Bathroom visits.

Requires a bathroom motion sensor.

Late night activity alerts.

When someone is up late at night.


Medication reminders and alerts.

Requires an entry sensor on a medicine cabinet, or a button on the counter to record medicine access.

Senior-friendly Security System.

To help young seniors feel in control.

Emergency Call Center (U.S. only).

To handle critical alerts and dispatch.

Phone Operator