Something's wrong with the medical alert industry.

And People Power is here to fix it.

+ 24/7 peace-of-mind.

+ Emergency alerts.

+ No monthly fees.

Press the button and 3 of your Trusted Circle contacts are notified. Plus in-home activity awareness. NO monthly service fee.

We call it Trusted Circle Monitoring and you’re going to LOVE it.

For over 50 years the medical alert industry has been selling outdated and overpriced technology. Their buttons don't report how your loved one is doing, which puts lives at risk when their button is out of reach. Many don't even offer mobile apps to keep you informed.


With People Power Family, seniors are able to live at home longer, more safely, while preserving their privacy and independence. It's more than an emergency button or a watch. The People Power Family pack can be installed by anyone and provides important insights direct to your free mobile app and to your Trusted Circle. We do this starting with no monthly fee.


Our award-winning solutions have been installed in the private homes of over 1 million families around the world. We keep seniors safe at home.


How it works.

Know everything is okay. Anytime. Anywhere.

Free apps for iPhone and Android. Check in anytime. Connects with multiple homes.

Escalate alerts to the right people.


Contact people
who live here.

Notifications alert the residents and professional caregivers.


Contact your
Trusted Circle.

Alerts are sent and your family and friends are added to a group text.


Contact the
Emergency Call Center.

Phone calls are initiated to your Trusted Circle of family and friends. 
(Pro Monitoring required)


Dispatch Emergency Medical Services.

If no one can be reached, a wellness check is dispatched. 
(Pro Monitoring required)

Plug in the Care Pack.

Anyone can live at home longer, more safely, and confidently while preserving their privacy. It's fun to set up!

Know everything is okay.

Lifestyle patterns are privately learned, and insights can be accessed by members of your Trusted Circle™.

We'll alert you.

When lifestyle patterns break unexpectedly, automatically alert your Trusted Circle™ or Emergency Call Center.



It is NOT safe to rely on just a medical alert button.

Check in anytime with the mobile app. Activity sensors tell you if people are home, away, or sleeping and where they were last seen.

Avoid losing thousands of dollars on assisted living.

The low-end of professional care is $20,000 annually! Yikes! Keep mom and dad safe at home longer and don't lose that money.

Works with Apple Watch and Samsung Watch!

Stylish, modern watches track where people are, and your Trusted Circle can receive fall detection and SOS alerts. You won't find these watches supported by any other solution.

Know when everything is okay, and when it isn't.

With the optional Pro Monitoring service, you get alerted if someone may have fallen - even if their button is out of reach!

Alerts work with any smart phone or cell phone.

Emergency alerts sent to you and your Trusted Circle of family and friends with text messages. No smartphone, no problem!

The only solution undergoing scientific validation. 

We are working with world-renowned research institutions to offer the only scientifically proven in-home care solution of its kind.

Cameras not required.

This is a gift, not a privacy invasion. Family works with private sensors like you'd find in a security system, no cameras required.

For those who want them, cameras are coming soon!

HIPAA-hardened for maximum privacy and security.

Built stronger than a banking website, we are HIPAA-compliant to protect the privacy of people in their own homes.

Starts at $299. May be 100% free.

Yours may be completely free with VA benefits or Medicare reimbursement. 

Take it with you when you move.

If you have to move, you can pack it up and install somewhere else. You can always add more sensors later.

It's fun to install!

Installs in minutes with interactive, video-based installation guides inside the free mobile app. 

Or choose an Assisted Install... for free!

Not comfortable with apps? No problem. Our Customer Care team can remotely walk you through the installation for your home.

Connect with professional caregivers.

Tap into advanced care features by connecting alerts and insights from People Power Family to a home care agency of your choice.


Learn More.

How do we get costs so low?

  • You won’t find us advertising spending tons of advertising dollars on TV and spam phone calls – you found us here because it’s a modern solution.

  • Cellular connectivity is an option, but our free service tier connects using the home’s internet access point.

  • The Emergency Call Center is an option, but our free service tier delivers alerts directly to the Trusted Circle, letting caregivers and families intervene first.

Most medical alert companies have huge monthly fees, even for just a button. Ours does not.

Free vs Premium.

Upgrade to the optional premium service to unlock amazing features that make it feel like someone else is helping watch over your loved ones, 24/7.

Shocking facts about seniors and emergency devices.

  • 6 More Years.
    People with an emergency alert system can continue living in their own homes outside of a retirement home an additional six years longer than those without one. At $20,000 per year on the low-end, that's $120,000 you shouldn't lose!


  • 25%.
    One in four Americans over the age of 65 will fall each year, and less than half of them will tell anyone that it happened.


  • 11 seconds.
    Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.


  • 20%.
    One in five falls will cause a severe head injury or broken bone.


  • Terrible trends.
    Deaths from falls among adults age 65 and older have increased dramatically, from 18,000 to 30,000 per year according to the AARP. Deaths from unintentional injuries are the seventh leading cause of death among older adults, according to the AARP. Falls account for the most significant percentage of those deaths, according to the AARP.

White Brick House

People Power Family is not for you if...

  • If you have a huge home.
    If your home is over 20,000 square feet (about the size of a football field), People Power Family is not for you. The rule of thumb is 1 motion sensor every 500 square feet of living space, and an entry sensor on exit doors. The base pack of 1 button, 2 entry sensors, and 3 motion sensors comfortably covers a standard 1,500 square foot home and can be upgraded to fit a home of just about any size.

  • For the free monthly service, you’ll need to provide your own wired internet access. 
    Cellular is available for homes without internet and requires the premium subscription service. We’ve designed our free tier of service to be the most comprehensive on the market by leveraging a wired internet access point.

The only scientifically validated solution.

With a generous $4.5m NIA-funded grant led by People Power with research by UC Berkeley, People Power Family is demonstrating reductions in anxiety and depression that would normally only be found in the pharmaceutical industry. At the conclusion of this research, People Power Family will be the only scientifically validated in-home care solution in the world. This translates to meaningful years added to the lives of seniors and their caregivers.


Families receiving a full dose of People Power Family (in green) observed statistically significant reductions in anxiety and depression while increasing wellbeing, versus control participants (in white).

What people are saying.

"Our collaborative effort to design and evaluate assistive technology has great promise for helping caregivers provide high quality care for individuals with dementia. As the population ages worldwide and the number of families dealing with dementia caregiving increases, there is a growing need for innovative solutions that promote the health and well-being of people with dementia and their caregivers."

—  Dr. Robert W. Levenson

Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

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